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Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!

Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!

Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!


Are your tires getting old and tired?

Don't despair - tire rebates* are here!

Let the guy above install a new set of tires for you and get a rebate*!

A variety of brands are offering rebates* for tires purchased NOW!

Give us a call today and find out which tire options work best for our vehicle and how much rebate* you can get in return.

*Rebates are offered by tire manufacturers and require submission (electronic or by mail) of a rebate form with proof of purchase. Manufacturer's set rebate expiration dates - please call for details.

Get the NAPA APP!

Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!

Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!


Did you know that as a NAPA Auto Care Center we offer you a 24,000 mile/24 month warranty on most repairs? Should something fail on a repair we've done, you are covered - nationwide! 

What you might not know is that you can get access to all of your repair history through the NAPA app! Mighty helpful if you're on the road and need to have another NAPA Auto Care Center warranty a repair, or parts - like wiper blades.

It's easy to download to your mobile device, and you can view repair receipts as well as view recommended services.

Call Anna today for additional details or click the image for a short, informational video about this FREE service.

Learn About Vehicle Maintenance

Tire Rebates Are Happening NOW!

Learn About Vehicle Maintenance


If you're interested in reading articles or watching videos about various mechanical and standard maintenance items, please click the image for access to our NAPA sponsored Service Assistant!

There's lots of great tips on how to best care for your vehicle and the short videos can help you learn more about how your vehicle works or even help  you to better understand why we're suggesting a repair be completed on your vehicle. Information is power, so take advantage of this today!

Come See Us...

 Remote vehicle repair is now in session... 

We LOVE having you in our shop to visit, but until this pandemic is under control, and for the safety of all our families, we're asking that you do not hang out while we're working on your vehicles. We are fully available to you by phone and encourage you to call us, or even e-mail, if you have questions or need to check on the status of your repair. Please know that Anna is not in the shop right now so Jason and Tony are fielding all calls, but it's loud in the shop so you might get voicemail. Call us back if we haven't responded to you within one half hour. And, thanks - we truly appreciate your business!

Fixing vehicles Weekdays from 8:00 to 5:00.

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