About Us

Who We Are...



Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair is a Veteran owned business made up of Tony, an ASE Certified Master Mechanic, Veteran & Owner; John, an Auto Technician & Owner; and Anna, our Service Writer & Business Manager.

We are a full-service automotive & truck repair shop prepared to care for your vehicle, whether you just need an oil change or your transmission rebuilt; our services, much like our mindset, are built around you and tailored specifically to your needs. From brakes to axle shafts and engine rebuilding to wiper replacement - everything we do is done with attention to detail by skilled professionals with over 35 years of automotive knowledge and excellence in customer care.

Daddio's has been in business since 2010, relocating from Illinois to Wisconsin, but it's been in the making for over 35 years. We're really happy to be here and eager to meet new customers, so feel free to stop in anytime to talk with us. 

We're an old-fashioned repair shop providing the type of services our parents used to get but with all the latest technology offered, to ensure we're giving your vehicle the best service possible! We are excited to be here in Stevens Point and eager to prove to you why it's worth your time and dollars to have us fix your vehicles. 

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Where We Come From...


 Tony was born and raised in Superior, has been an auto mechanic since the early 80s but has been fixing things his whole life. He served our Nation as a Boiler Technician in the US Navy - at sea for 6 years, and then as an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Base for another 4 years of active duty.  He then returned to duty as a Reservist for another 12 years of service as a SeaBee stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois. His extensive knowledge of all things mechanical leads us to say "Tony can fix anything" quite a lot. ;-} 

Tony's wife Anna was born and raised in IL, has lived abroad in The Netherlands and even birthed one of her children there. Anna has been a Mum to the kiddos, a real estate agent and has built Daddio's with Tony, and now John, over the last 9 years. 

Between Tony and Anna there are three children and one grandchild.

John, also from Illinois, joined Daddio's as an owner and brings exceptional customer service skills from his many years of ownership of an ice cream and catering business, and has previously worked in the printing industry. His growing knowledge of automotive repairs makes him a vital component of the Daddio's OnPoint team.

We are OnPoint because your vehicle repairs should always be on point. :-)

How We Operate...


 We are a customer oriented company with a strong compass to providing fair and equitable business services. We believe strongly in the concept of treating others the way we wish to be treated and extend ourselves in that way each time we engage with our customers.

We believe you're better off knowing as much about your vehicle as we can teach you - like how it works and why it needs a repair - but we understand that sometimes you just want your vehicle fixed. We follow YOUR lead on just how much information you want; but know we like to talk about your repairs before we do them. We want to be your partner in your vehicle's maintenance and repairs, and that means we'll take the time to ensure you're comfortable with our recommendations, know what it will cost and have authorized the repairs. 

We also strongly believe in diagnosing your vehicle's issues, not just throwing parts at it. We like to determine what's happening with your vehicle, which may - in the end - take a bit more time, but cost you a bit less money. Tony had long been our IL repair market's go-to guy for diagnostics and he excels at running down the phantom noise or odd issue - rather than just being a parts changer. 

We think this makes us stand apart from most other repair shops. 

And, we're okay with that.

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