Old-fashioned service. The way it used to be. The way it should be.

*The Fine Print...

Our fine print changes as our promotions do, but the one thing that never 

changes is our authentic, old-fashioned way of doing business. 

We're like that old time garage where people gathered to catch-up with each other, 

make plans and just enjoy each other's company. We're like that. 

We even have coffee (it's often as thick as the motor oil ;~}); 

so c'mon down to Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair, grab a cup and let's chat.

We genuinely like to meet more people and have more fun. 

The fact that we get to do that while making money is a gift. 

Why not stop in today to see what makes Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair so unique?!?

*Our monthly specials requires the purchase of specific products. 

Please call us for further details.

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Come See Us...


We're open Weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 (5pm) and closed Weekends as well as most Federal holidays. 

We also take time off every now and then but give plenty of notice so we can plan your repairs accordingly.

We welcome everyone to our shop and encourage you to stop by when we're open.

3446 Church Street in Stevens Point