The Fine Print

Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair offers customers daily, weekly, monthly and/or seasonal discounts. Sometimes these offers are managed by our suppliers or parts manufacturers. Please understand we cannot alter the terms of most discount specials. But! If it's our discount special, and we're able, we will gladly tailor a discount to meet your needs. Please ask us for more details about any of our ongoing or upcoming specials. 

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Bouncy Bouncy Down The Road?

NAPA Struts/Shocks Rebate Information

Are you bouncing down the road? Or feel like you're on a roller coaster when going over bumps or railroad tracks? It may be time for a quick check-up on your vehicle's suspension support system.

Stop in to Daddio's OnPoint Auto Repair today and let us evaluate your suspension components to ensure they're operating properly. If you need something replaced, we'll prepare a quote with products that qualify for a rebate, potentially of up to $160!

That's a lot of dough!


Purchase a qualifying set of 2 or 4 suspension components from Daddio's OnPoint and you'll qualify for a rebate. Have us install them at the time of purchase and you'll double your rebate dollars! Quit bouncing down the road, roll into Daddio's OnPoint today!

Autumn Colors Fade To Winter...

$99.95* - Cooling System Service

Take advantage of our discounted pricing on our Cooling System Service and get ready for that inevitable snowfall and cold temps.

We'll inspect your radiator and hoses, check your cooling system for leaks, drain your old fluid out & check its condition - if it's necessary, we'll flush your system clean and then add new coolant.

Schedule your appointment today or call us!

*Expires 30 November 2018.