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Got Charge? Need Start? Power it UP!

There's not much more annoying than running late for an appointment, work, child's event or your dinner date and finding out your car won't start. Right? It's like the only thing that's charged up and ready to go is you!

Your starting system has a few key components that can cause a "no start" for your vehicle. Your battery could be dead, and even if a jump start gets it going, it might not be holding the optimal charge and could likely just die again. If you're hearing a clicking sound when you turn the key but aren't getting a start this could point to a bad starter. But if what's happening is that you've got no power at all, or even that while you're driving the dashboard lights are fluctuating in strength - dimming without cause - it could be due to a failing alternator. And let's face it - no one wants to be without get up and go when they need it.

Why not take advantage of our free evaluation service? We'll inspect your vehicle's starting components, determine what's failing to operate properly and prepare a quote for you - all FREE of charge.

As a bonus, IF you need to purchase a battery, starter or alternator you will be could qualified for a $15, $20, or $25 VISA spending card rebate* by mail.

Another benefit to this offer is that NAPA will donate $3.00 to the Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund, an organization near and dear to our Veteran owned business' heart.

Call us today to arrange for your appointment or for additional details about this offer.

*Rebate offer requires the purchase and installation of a qualifying product. We'll keep that in mind when guiding you through your options - if we can save you money by way of a rebate, we'll certainly do that!

Keep an eye on this page as our specials and rebate offers are updated often. All specials, rebate offers and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.